Friday, August 31, 2012

SimHQ Review Trainz Simulator 12 By Aussie Developer N3V Games (aka Auran)

"Trainz Simulator 12 is the latest in the long running railroad simulation series by Australian developer N3V Games. Trainz Simulator 12 is available in several platform specific variations including Mac, iPad, and Android. This review is based on the Windows Trainz Simulator 12 product, and should not be confused with any other platform specific versions. My review sample was delivered via Steam, though boxed DVD and other digital download options are available through various outlets."

adlabs6 - SimHQ

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Trainz 12, as it's known, is a very immersive gaming title. It's had me hooked for well over a year now being one of those rare games that delivers more enjoyment the 'deeper you go'. One of the reasons Trainz is so immersive is the driver experience combining Cab Mode in game, with NaturalPoint's TrackIR 5.

Now, aside from being trained as a fireman and then as a driver by an organisation such as SteamRail Victoria, this is as close to driving a locomotive as most of us will get!