Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SimHQ Gets A Development Update On "Wings Over Flanders Fields" WWI Combat Flight Sim

"There he was, smoking at first, then on fire, high above me. As he lost height, the fire got worse, bits of his kite started tearing off and he started coming at me by design or by chance, I don't know. The fire was by now engulfing his bus and I thought that he would surely take me with him in a fiery collision, but somehow he missed me by the smallest possible of margins, and I just sat there for what seemed like a very long time, unable to move."

...This, to me, is the essence of what first class simulation is about. It makes you start thinking about the pilots in the real war, realizing with renewed acuity how they must have seen, for real, such horrifying sights over and over again, perhaps within a very short time-span, wearing on their courage and the quality of most young men; their total and absolute conviction that they are immortal and invulnerable, giving them bad dreams when in fitful sleep and in waking nightmares in the skies by day they wonder; when will my luck run out, when will the dice come down against me.

Jens "McGonigle" Lindblad - SimHQ

Read the full WOFF development update on SimHQ. If combat flight sims are your thing, check out our essentials for virtual aces - flight controls & TrackIR head trackers.

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