Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Fashion Retailer Sussan Stands Out From The Crowd - Learning From Other Markets

“Every decision we made around design and functionality was made keeping our customer in mind,” says Sherburn. “We think that one of the key differentiators of our site is that it is specifically tailored to our customer and her lifestyle.”

Elizabeth Sherburn - Sussan Digital Manager

Whilst Sussan's customer base is very different to the "average IT business" (if there even is such a thing!), it is in their successes in digital marketing and driving sales into stores which I believe *ALL* IT resellers can learn from. It's less about spec, more about lifestyle and image. More about how a product is used in the 'real world'. From getting the right infrastructure to the right product images, this article contains some absolute gems for anyone involved with selling online and instore.

Considering Sussan's customer base is also largely female - every IT store can learn from their experiences in targeting and mining sales from female customers - often IT stores are seeminly solely focussed on male customers in their product information and digital marketing - do you really think the only people interested in high performance technology products are teenage male gamers???????

Read the full article from Power Retail.