Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awesome Thermaltake Level 10 GT "Call Of Duty" Case Mod

"case mod created by Brian Carter, merging the loves of his life into one harmony – the Level 10 GT COD version that is making it first appearance in Asia. The mod has turn the original Thermaltake Level 10 GT handle into a rocket launcher, 5.25 driver bays into a six barrels machine gun (can automatically rotate once the power is attached), and 5 hotswap bays into 5 extend magazines, fully express the spirit of Level 10 GT of imagination without boundaries. Brain Carter did not only thought about the exaggerated appearance but he has also keep all original functionality of level 10 GT, which provides FPS gamers an absolute war zone feel inside and outside of the game."

Hilbert Hagedoorn - Guru3D

You can read all out this incredible chassis modification on Guru3D. Mittoni offers a heck of a lot of Thermaltake Level 10 chassis options, so ensure you're offering these wicked cases to your customers - they may just turn around and surprise you with another great mod.....

So, you don't believe that the minigun rotates? Check the video!

Perhaps a future upgrade could see this chassis ejecting spent caffeine cans out the side like shell casings?