Friday, June 17, 2011

Thermaltake Element V Black Edition review by TechReaction

The Duke at TechReaction puts the Thermaltake Element V Black Edition full tower chassis under the spotlight. He notes:

"The Thermaltake Element V is a massive, full-tower case able to handle just about anything you throw at it. As you could see in the installation, it held our GTX 590 with no problem at all, with plenty of clearance between it and the 5.25″ bay area. The latches on the side panel provide a little extra security for your hardware, because you can lock it to help prevent unwanted access. The airflow provided by the Element V is good enough to keep all your precious hardware nice and cool.

The Colorshift fans will add to the overall aesthetic look of the case and help it stand out and make it a showpiece (as if the towering black monolith needed much help looking impressive). The wire management solution the Element V provides, was good enough to hide the unused wires from site, which gives it a nice clean look. With the Element V sporting a nice fan control knob on the front, it is great for easy control over your system, as well as the LED color of your choice."

The Duke - TechReaction

Thermaltake Element V Black Edition review by TechReaction - Introduction / Conclusion.