Friday, June 17, 2011

PQI 2.5" USB2 & 3 External Hard Drives - Beef Up Yer Back Up!

PQI, known for their excellent SDHC, CF and RAM, also have a great range of external 2.5" USB hard drives available. Considering the proximity of the End of Financial Year, we'd like to take just a few moments to spotlight two of these series of drives, the "USB2 MILSPEC Shockproof" and "USB3 iPhone lookalike" flavours.

The MILSPEC series, with its distinctive 'flak jacket' looks supplied by the special shock reducing rubber material, offers a unique internal shock absorption suspension technology and meets US military grade drop test MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV (transit drop test) proving durability & sturdiness. It's popular locally with the ADF too, so ensure your defence customers know you have these available to them. They're also the perfect external storage choice for anyone whom carries data with them in their backpack, briefcase, etc - anywhere it could potentially cop a knock or two - causing the unpleasant loss of potentially mission critical data.

Popular with resellers and end users alike, the USB3 speed "iPhone lookalike series", the H567V's are proving a great seller with their smooth, chic appearance, impressive transfer rates and smooth, chic appearance... Did we mention they look incredibly slick??? Looking right at home next to so many consumer electronics, they represent style and desirability alongside data security, one touch backups and all the usual features we've come to expect from external drives.

Take a closer look at our range of PQI external 2.5" hard drives.