Monday, June 6, 2011

Auto Trends Magazine on the Logitech G27 racing simulator kit

Harrison from Auto Trends Magazine, an unusual source for our reviews, has examined the Logitech G27 racing simulator kit. He writes:

"The response of the wheel gives an amazing experience, it shakes over bumps in the track, goes light and flops around if the car gets airborne, tugs your arms around during a spin out and pulls hard around a hairpin. The grip of racing slicks as opposed to street tires makes a huge difference in the performance of the car. If you prefer to shift with paddles, wheel mounted, titanium ones provide quick shifts... With its somewhat reasonable price, high quality and huge potential, the Logitech G27 offer functional, plug and play racing fun. Adding a high quality wheel brings racing games to a new level of fun and realism."

Harrison Card - Auto Trends Magazine

Logitech G27 review by Auto Trends Magazine - Full Review