Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PQI helping Mums shock proof there data!

What better present for mothers of today than a child.. I mean shock proof hard drive! We all use portable hdd’s every day but Mothers might find it harder to care for hard drives from there kids. The woman in your life might find security in the new PQI H560 MILSPEC ShockProof 640GB Red 2.5" USB 2.0 External Hard Drive. The H560 will protect all her family photos from the clumsy teenagers who think its fine to just throw it around. Also the H560 comes in dark red to clearly identify it as Mum’s hard drive!

The PQI 2.5" H560 Shock Proof USB2 Hard drive provides a safe secure method of storing and transporting massive amounts of data between multiple work sites or the home and office. Travelling interstate on business and your USB personal flash drive just won't cope with all the files you need? That's where this high speed shock proof USB attached storage solution steps up!

With ultra protection against vibration and shock in compliance with US military grade MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV (transit drop test) specifications and data with encryption your data will be safe and secure. Once initial setup has been performed, the H560 offers a backup function with the press of a single button.

Pocket sized, high speed and perfect for the home, office or out in the field, this hard drive is sure to please!