Monday, May 9, 2011

Playseat Evolution Racing Cockpit With Logitech G27 Pack

Enjoy an awesome simulation experience with total immersion and enhanced realism. Best of all, it all happens in your lounge room! Meet the Playseat Evolution & Logitech G27, a match made in heaven! Bring the race track into your home and your gaming will never be the same again....

The thrill of simulation gaming is how much it feels like the real thing. Once just toys, these days racing wheels and flight controllers offer the player remarkable realism. However, if you want to take it even further, a Playseat can push your simulation immersion level right into the stratosphere. A Playseat transforms your office into a cockpit, or your living room into a race car.

The Playseat features a robust and stable metal frame and a well thought out design that makes this game cockpit comfortable, responsive and unique. Playseat cockpits include a folding mechanism for added strength and durability. The foldable seat is combined with a fully adjustable steel frame that you can custom fit to your favourite height, length and depth. This complete adjustability means your Playseat will work with almost every computer or console game, player or controller.

These adjustable cockpits also feature firm mounting points that hold your simulation controller steady for twisty tracks or spiralling dogfights. The Playseat places your wheel, pedals, stick or yoke just where you need them for maximum control, comfort for long hours of game play and totally immersive realism. Finally, joysticks, driving wheels and pedals feel firm and truly life like!