Monday, May 9, 2011

Playseat Its time to Play!

Mittoni and Playseat Join forces.

Mittoni is pleased to announce its new product line Playseat is now available in Australia.

The Playseats concept is unique because of its patented seats system for easy storage and small packaging. Playseats are used by gamers, motorsport enthusiasts and even professional drivers.

Mittoni and Playseats have partnered to bring the hottest this in gaming to homes across Australia  optimizing games like Need for Speed, Sony's F1 Championship Edition, Gran Turismo 5 and  Motorstorm shows the strength of the brand, it's build quality and enhancement of the driving experience.

To show the commitment for excellence Playseats have also produced accessories such as;

Gearshift Holder for Logitech's G25 Steering Wheel

Playseat Black G27 Gearshift Support

Floormat for added protection

Seat Slider to get the perfect racing position.

About the Playseat Racing Game Chair Inventor

The founder and current president of the Playseats Company Dr. Fernando Smit is a big motorsport fan. He’s a former professional karts driver and was selected as the Dutch Enduro Champion in the 125 cc classes in 1997 and 1998.
One day he decided to mount one of his old Spargo seats onto a metal frame. He attached a steering wheel and pedal box to the frame and there it was: the ultimate real racing feeling. The first Playseat was born.
He showed it around to his friends and fellow drivers an they all agreed he was on to something big. Before he knew it, he was spending his days (and nights) building frames for other dedicated gamers. In 2002, when the demand started to exceed his capacity, he upgraded from his small shop in Holland to a full manufacturing facility located in China.
Today, Playseats has grown to become a major player in gaming. From its well known trademark, to securing a number of patents, Playseats has earned an international reputation for delivering quality seats that are quick to assemble and easy to store and transport.
Playseats B.V.
Director Fernando Smit