Thursday, February 3, 2011

Touring Thermaltake's New HQ

The lift doors open and I'm presented with at least two dozen people - all in red - shouting 'Welcome!' Given that the ground floor was virtually empty, and I'm the only person in the lift, it's a surprising introduction to say the least.

The staff can clearly see my bewilderment - like a rabbit stuck in the glare of headlights - and thankfully everyone is very nice about it as they quickly shoo me towards the registration desk, before the next lift arrives. 

To my continual surprise, the line of people goes on and on, around the open gap between the floors of this Neihu tower block and finally around to Thermaltake's new office. I've always seen a fair number of people at Thermaltake's booths during tradeshows - especially at Computex - but I still didn't realise quite how many people work there. In contrast, Antec's Taiwan office, in the identical building next door, takes up less than a single floor; Thermaltake's office fills three.