Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just in: Thermaltake's Shock One headset and Meka G1 keyboard!

Take a peak at the latest Thermaltake gaming gear - a surround sound headset and a retro mechanical keyboard.

We just got in the latest of Thermaltake's new red and black gaming kit - a new mechanical keyboard and a rather striking new headset.

The Meka G1 is a kind of retro design. It's all black and red and angry looking, like any good gaming device, but it also harks back to the pre-Cambrian days of beige box computing in its curves and heavy mechanical keys.

The Shock One is 5.1 surround sound headset, and it continues the black and red theme. It's pretty comfy looking, too, and features an epically long cable - you can probably walk all the way to the fridge and back and still listen to 12 year olds argue about hacks in Black Ops.

Anyhoo, check out our out of the box gallery of pics, and keep an eye out for full reviews in an upcoming issue of Atomic.

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