Friday, June 25, 2010

Techgage review Thermaltake's Frio CPU cooler

"I must say that I was very impressed with Thermaltake's FRIO. For ~$59.99 USD, you get one hell of a performer that is capable of hanging with the best of the best in terms of currently available models across all manufacturers. I was nothing short of amazed at my stress-testing results... The overall package is also something to be praised. The simple back plate design and the inclusion of two-speed controllable fans makes this a very complete and well-thought-out design. Setup and installation is simple enough so that even the novice installer should have little issue in completing the installation. I cannot emphasize the huge benefit of the overall size of the FRIO as well. Coming in at 165mm H x 139mm W x 98mm/118mm D (depending on single/dual fan configuration) you are almost assured you will have the space to put this part on your board without worrying about interference. Performance seems to be of more importance than size for most people, so this is a very welcome aspect to me. I, for one, just do not like the fact that CPU sockets are ever encroaching memory and PCI-E slot territory. It is great to see a design that takes this into account."

William Kelley -

The Frio is a great example of the huge range of excellent CPU coolers now in stock. We also have the recently released SpinQ VT and Contac29 available, all part of the refreshed Thermaltake range. Go Tt!