Friday, June 18, 2010

Guru3d Auzentech soundcard reviews

Gurd3d X-Fi Bravura 7.1 & X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a soundcard reviews:

"Although we would consider this card to be meant more for movies and music, a point to which Auzentech also suggests, this card can hold its own for gaming. We think with the CPU becoming more powerful and offering multiple cores, software based cards can now compete closely with hardware based gaming cards in many situations.... Given the price point, great sound quality, OPAMP options, powerful headphone amp and component choices we give the Bravura our recommended award. This is a great sounding card"

"Based on our testing, the sound quality produced by the Home Theater HD 7.1 and the sheer features set this card is highly recommend by the Guru3D audio Lab.
If you’re looking for an excellent sounding well rounded audio card, you can put the Auzentech Home Theater HD 7.1 to the top of your list"