Monday, May 24, 2010

The Herald Sun loves the Luxa2 H4

Over the weekend Alice Clarke from The Herald Sun did a great write up on up and coming i-Paddings: everything you need to accessorise your latest toy

He checks out Sleeves,Silicone cases,Hard cases,Stands,Headphones,Executive cases and sleeves.

The multi-touch really comes into its own on the bigger screen and feels very futuristic. It's easy to imagine a time when paper doesn't exist and we just tap and pinch to make everything happen.

The best of the stands was the Luxa2 H4 from Thermaltake. It’s attractive, sturdy and will hold your iPad at almost any angle ($TBA).

The Luxa2 will be in stock real soon keep and eye out on this spot and be the first to get yours!