Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Armor+ MX + Logitech Desktop Microphone SPECIAL OHHH, IT'S ON

StarCraft2 is coming! Gamers and enthusiasts across Australia are gearing up for the biggest PC game sequel in over ten years. StarCraft fans will find themselves having to upgrade their system with more RAM, faster CPU’s and video cards, along with more hard drive space. Consoles will be collecting dust as the biggest gaming phenomenon ever comes exclusively to the PC platform - w00t! With the most advanced buddy system released with a game to date, no gamer will be able to avoid, or resist, the call to help their allies hold off those hordes of rushing Zerg!

Not since Crysis has the call been so strong to upgrade, rearm and reload for this coming title. In preparation, over the coming months Mittoni Pty Ltd will assist our resellers to make the most from this highly anticipated PC game launch. Consider us your armoury or cache and get ready to lock and load with some Zerg squashing deals.... BOOYAH!

12 and 13 of May only!

SPECIAL Armor+ MX + Logitech Desktop Microphone