Monday, June 20, 2016

TechPowerUp Review ASUS STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-GAMING Graphics Card

"Out of the box, the card comes overclocked to a base clock of 1785 MHz versus the 1607 MHz on the reference design. This translates into an average clock of 1998 MHz versus the 1783 MHz on NVIDIA's reference design after Boost 3.0 is applied, and it looks as though ASUS's card is, thus, the highest clocked card out of the first round of custom-board designs, achieving 8% additional performance when averaged over our benchmark suite. This makes the card 33% faster than the GTX 1070 reference and 47% faster than GTX 970 SLI! AMD's fastest, the Fury X, is out of the game, almost 50% slower."

W1zzard - TechPowerUp.

ASUS STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-GAMING review by TechPowerUp - Introduction & Conclusion.