Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thermaltake NiC F4 Cooler Review On Overclockers Club

"Thermalatake's NiC series CPU coolers address one of the big concerns that the community faces when using larger more efficient coolers. They almost always impact the amount of memory one can install and how many DIMM slots can be populated. Most require either low-profile DRAM modules or only populating the slots furthest from the processor socket. If you are only using 8 or 16GB of memory in a 2 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB configuration you can most likely get away with taller modules. Filling up all the DIMM slots is going to necessitate a compromise in either DRAM capacity or alternate fan mounting solutions at best. The NiC series and specifically the NiC-F4 will allow you to populate all of the DRAM slots and still use a large efficient cooling solution with both fans properly attached to maximize airflow through the curved 0.4mm aluminum heat sink fins."

ccokeman - Overclockers Club.

Thermaltake NiC F4 CPU cooler review by Overclockers Club - Introduction & Conclusion.