Friday, October 25, 2013

OC Clubs's ClayMeow Reports From Nvidias 'Way It's Meant to Be Played' Event

"While I'm sure there are many people excited about GameStream, Twitch support, 4K Surround, and the GTX 780 Ti, it's NVIDIA's answers to those aforementioned questions that I'm most excited about. Flex, GI Works, and Flame Works are huge leaps forward for game development, while G-Sync will allow gamers to experience all that in buttery smooth goodness. Want to run your favorite game maxed out, but can't achieve a high, stable FPS? No need to worry if you have a Kepler GPU and G-Sync monitor. Those next-gen consoles may be getting most of the spotlight, but it's a great time to be a PC gamer!"

ClayMeow - Overclockers Club.

Mittoni stocks a wide range of Nvidia based graphics cards via our vendor EVGA. You can read ClayMeow's full commentary on the OCClub site: Introduction & Conclusion.