Monday, November 19, 2012

BattleTech Marauder Instrumental In Russian Revolution Of 1917!

"The VCE exam body has been left red faced after a doctored artwork depicting a huge robot helping socialist revolutionaries during the Russian Revolution was accidentally included in this year’s year 12 history exam taken by 5700 students.

Exams for the popular History: Revolution subject were original supposed to include the artwork Storming the Winter palace on 25th October 1917 by Nikolai Kochergin, which depicts events during the October Revolution, which was instrumental in the larger Russian Revolution of 1917.

But when students opened their exam this morning they found an altered version of the work with what appear to be a large "BattleTech Marauder" robot aiding the rising revolutionaries in the background."

Tom Arup - The Age

Read Tom's full History transformed in VCE exam article on The Age. When piloting revolutionary battlemechs, be sure to use the right controller for the job!

History is just so revisionist these days..... When I did the same course over 15 years ago, no-one realised the critical role played by battlemech's during the revolution!