Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Very Special For The Virtual Pilots - Rise Of Flight 1.028B Released + DLC Aircraft Sale!

"This past Monday we released to you the results of our work on version 1.028 and the first seaplane for ROF. We have been pleasantly surprised by your positive comments and that you like this aircraft. However, on Tuesday, we discovered how to apply a new set of equations that makes the physics of the interaction with water even better. This idea has come to our mind because of your strong reaction to the W.12. That is why today we are ready to present version 1.028b of Rise of Flight.

Now all planes, not just the new seaplane will interact with the water’s surface in a more realistic manner. It doesn’t matter if you touch water with a wheel or wing or make an emergency landing after losing the landing gear. This is something completely new for us and something we are very proud of and something that we have done in a very short period, just a couple days. We liked it so much we decided to release it right away."

Loft - RoF Team

777 Studios RoF 1.028B release announcement on 777's website & DLC aircraft sale. Can't wait for the Felixtowe F2A to be released!

The beauty of Rise Of Flight is that its FREE TO PLAY! A complete game is supplied on the download link, with a free aircraft for both the allied and axis powers. You simply purchase any additional aircraft and field mods to suit your own taste, should you wish to - the game will function 100% both on and offline with just the free to play download. Think Call Of Duty has fun multiplayer???? Wait till you try a furball with 20 or so WWI kites swirling and whirling all over the sky!!!

To get more out of the game, however, you'll want to put some in.... Consider a flight controller upgrade and a TrackIR, both will really increase your enjoyment of the game!

We'll see you after your sortie in the pilot's mess!!!