Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sussan's Experiences Launching An Online Shop & Driving Sales Into Your Retail Outlets

"Sussan began to work on the online store back in 2010 as a response to customers (especially VIPs and those in rural areas) demanding the ability to shop online. “We knew that they were already shopping online with other stores,” says Sherburn. “So from a competitive, customer and brand perspective it was a no-brainer.”

The time from deciding to get online to seeing the store come to fruition took longer than expected. “Knowing that we needed to do it and then actually working through the development of the site ended up taking us close to a year,” Sherburn tells us. “We launched on 9 December last year, just in time for Christmas!” Now that the store is live, the team is working out how it can further improve and develop the site and continue to drive and increase sales throughout 2012."

Natasha Sholl - PowerRetail

Read more about Sussan's experiences entering the online trading space on PowerRetail.

Whilst Sussan is a fashion vendor, the issues faced by this company in launching their new web presence and online shop are echoed throughout the IT industry as well, especially when it comes to offering a seamless experience between online and brick and mortar shopping. Their primary market, of course, is also female - which isn't so common within our own industry. There are untold lessons to be learned from a company like Sussan in attracting and retaining new and existing customers, along with using a website to drive brick and mortar sales thru your retail outlets.

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