Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Growing Body Of Research Is Showing A Whole Host Of Benefits From Video Gaming

"Just like rock music in the 1950s, Dungeons & Dragons in the 1980s, and death metal in the 1990s, videogaming has been demonised by parent groups. For decades, gamers were portrayed as obese social outcasts that spent hours in a dark basement hunched over a flashing screen, slowly becoming more aggressive and distanced from reality.

Today, that stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. The average gamer is as likely to be a university professor or a corporate banker as they are to be a high school or college student."

Michael Kasumovic (UNSW) - The Conversation

Take a look at the full article detailing recent research into the benefits of computer and video gaming on The Conversation. From increasing reaction times to problem solving and a source of learning, much seems to be in favour of gaming these days and quite the opposite of the sensationally poor press gamers used to receive!

Afterthought: Perhaps the swing in research and opinion is due to the fact that the first generation of video gamers is middle aged now. The second generation of gamers are thirty something’s. Are we re-writing understanding and re-directing public opinion as the once demonised "over weight pimply teenage gamer" is now the university professor, lawyer, doctor, respected community member, and so on? Food for thought!

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