Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SimHQ take a look back at the best simulation games of 2011

SimHQ, a favourite haunt for most PC simulation fanatics, has taken a look back over releases from 2011. With catagories such as 'Best Commercial Flight Simulation', 'Best Commercial Motorsports Simulation', etc. If you're a sim gamer you should check the list - perhaps there is a game or two you missed last year? Look back at the best sims of 2011.

If you've been a sim gamer for a while, you'll remember that 2011 had it's ups and downs. Much anticipated titles were released and the community was dissapointed - underwhelming titles were released and surprised us all with their immersive gameplay. Forums were awash with excited - and jaded - chatter. Take a look at SimHQ's 'a year on the forums' - you'll laugh and cry!