Monday, January 30, 2012

Lian Li PC-90 chassis review on Missing Remote

"the Lian Li PC-90 is a deal and a half. With the clean looks, high build quality, and the Lian Li name behind it, there should be nothing holding back most enthusiasts from considering this as their next case.

While this may not exactly be a HTPC case for all enthusiasts, it is still very well-suited for a Home Server with the large hard drive count. It may be too good looking, to throw in a closet where most will never see it, but at least you will know you have a good-looking case serving up all that content to your entertainment system.

Lian Li definitely has a winner here. While I was not able to fully test out the motherboard hard drive sizes and video card lengths, you can still get an idea of how expansive the inside of the case is without sacrificing the entire size of the case itself. The system build was simple and straight-forward, and should even allow the novice of system builders a chance at building their first system without pulling all their hair out."

Josh Shenkle - MissingRemote

Lian Li PC-90 Hammer chassis review by Missing Remote - full review.