Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler on Review Stash

"Noctua is truly the last word in the industry when it comes to quiet, high-performance air-based cooling products. Three years ago they released the highly regarded NH-U12P heatsink - a unit that was only challenged by the legendary Thermalright and Prolimatech units. Always improving their products, Noctua is once again back at it with a fully redesigned six heatpipe, massive dual fin array tower cooler - the NH-D14 is air cooling at the most high-end level imaginable...

It's really hard to not love Noctua's NH-D14. Ignoring the MSRP, you can usually find the NH-D14 for just ten dollars more than Corsair's H50. The installation is easier, the performance is better, and the quality is much higher - you do not have to worry about leaking anything onto your expensive components. Not only that, but the NH-D14 performs well even with the low RPM fans that Noctua has included; this means, with an additional purchase, it is highly likely that you could get unheard of performance out of your NH-D14. The overall retail package is impressive and definitely makes you feel like you aren't simply purchasing a cooling component, but becoming an "owner" of a Noctua product; Noctua is also one of the few companies to offer a six year warranty. If you're in the market for a new heatsink and can scrounge up the money to purchase the NH-D14, know that your money is being well-spent (even if you aren't overclocking your processor)."

Daniel Levy - Review Stash

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