Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gunnar PPK's examined by GamerTheory

"The first and most noticeable reason was that the harsh contrast of the LCD image was tempered dramatically. The lenses are tinted an amber color, and as a result you don't get any harsh whites in your view. I'm a person that has issues with computer screens, but my job forces me to spend a good 10 hours a day in front of them, so anything that can reduce the strain that the bright white spaces on web pages, programs, and games produce, is a product that has already taken the first step at winning me over.

The second big thing I immediately noticed is that the lenses have a slight magnification effect. My computer monitor resolution is set at 2084x1152, which makes 12 pt. text fairly small. Without having to sacrifice resolution, I get larger print on the screen while wearing the Gunnars. The effect is similar to what reading glasses provide, but they work at any distance from the screen, not just at an ideal one. The magnification really eased up the strain on my eyes and after about an hour I noticed a big improvement in my overall viewing comfort.

...Even if you are just doing lots of typing, the Gunnars provide a noticeable increase in comfort; and for someone like me who deals with eye strain, they're worth every penny."

Jeff Rivera - GamerTheory

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