Thursday, October 13, 2011

Motor racing madness - Forza4, DiRT3, F1 2011 & the list goes on!

With recent releases of the popular titles F1 2011 and DiRT3 we have another option for the motofreaks for the Xbox - Forza4! Now available, these fantastic racing titles are immersive, enjoyable and addictive. They're the kind of games that make people want to 'go a little deeper' into the experience. Mittoni is all about immersive gaming experiences. The reason we are INTO PCS is immersive gaming experiences.... Everything else with the PC is an 'additional and under utilised feature'…..

Get into motor racing today with our line up of Playseats, the Roccaforte, G27, TrackIR & Boomchair (feel the ZROOOOM with da boom!). When you're ready for it to sound like it should, check out our Auzentech soundcards and Logitech Z906's - gorgeous big beautiful full sound!

So... Let's get some blood pumping: