Monday, December 13, 2010

Edimax Wireless nLITE High Gain Editors Choice OC3D

"The Edimax Wireless nLITE High Gain USB adaptor has quite surprised me to be honest. At the price point it is at, I didn't expect it to be so feature packed and give as good performance as it has. The styling of the adaptor is very Apple-esque, but that's not a criticism. I like the clean looks and honest build. Everything is there for a reason and there are no silly gimmicks. It's attractively packaged, and installation was very easy. As soon as the adaptor was installed, it picked up my network straight away without any fuss. Establishing a secure connection to the router with the WPS feature was just a case of pressing a button on the router and adaptor, this is something that I cannot praise highly enough, as some people struggle to secure their wireless networks and anything that makes the task easier is a definite bonus."