Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bone Collection Grey "Stunned" Rabbit

Ok Ok who put the spot lite on the Rabbit?

The grey Rabbit 4Gb USB flash drive from Bone Collection is the perfect gift idea symbolising new life and fertility. Indeed, the commonly used phrase 'thank your mother for the rabbits' means literally to thank your mum for giving you the gift of life. Why not return that gift with this loveable, eye catching character, which is sure to be a cherished and not soon forgotten present! Perfect for data transfers between school, home and office, or just swapping your favourite music, photos or movies with family and friends, this easy to use USB storage drive is compatible with all Windows based operating systems from Win98SE onwards. This attractive USB flash drive is also suitable for MAC OS 9.0 and above, along with Linux kernel 2.4 or later. With a large capacity of four gigabytes, this personal storage drive has plenty of space for all your data requirements. No external power is required for this device, just plug it into any powered USB slot from USB1 onwards. You'll appreciate the LED indicator for visual confirmation of data access and transfers and you will just love the interchangeable Owl shaped dust proof and washable silicone skin, offering your drive excellent protection from bumps, scratches and knocks. This cool looking skin personalises your USB storage drive so you'll never pick up the wrong digital storage at the end of your work day, IT class, study or photo and music swapping session. Offering unique and adorable looks, excellent storage capacity and a life time warranty, this USB attached drive is the perfect choice for all your file swapping, transfers and other digital storage requirements.