Tuesday, April 21, 2015

APH Networks Review SilverStones New Kublai KL05 Chassis

"There are many things that I like about the Kublai KL05 case from SilverStone. In general, this is an appealing case for those who gravitate more towards a simpler design in their computer chassis. Without a doubt, it was everything I wanted in a case before I started building a PC. In addition, this mid-tower offers many user-friendly features that allows for easy installation and enjoyment in using it. From the large space in the top compartment of the case for radiator installation to the drive cages located near the bottom of the case, the KL05 incorporated many features we can agree are necessary. It has more than enough drive cages for average users, and a separate one can be bought from the SilverStone website if it is not enough. Secondly, the KL05 offers convenience throughout the design of the case. From its thumbscrews for easy access on the exterior to the various large openings around the motherboard for a clean cable job, SilverStone certainly impressed in this area. For a MSRP of $70 USD at press time, the SilverStone Kublai KL05 is so appealing, I simply do not know how I would say no."

Brian Cheung - APH Networks.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL05 mid tower chassis review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.