Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SilverStone Tundra Series A-I-O Coolers On HardOCP

"Silverstone has brought to market two very good sealed water coolers in the TD02 (dual length radiator) and TD03 (single length radiator) models. Besides simply looking good, these new coolers both sport very well built and sturdy water block packages that trump other current designs in overall build quality that seems to be more durable over the long haul. The innovative radiator design is a welcome advantage too and seems to show off in the TD03 model specifically when compared to the likes of the Corsair H110. The big upside to the TD03 is that it supports a push pull configuration out of the box."

Marc Adams - [H]ard|OCP.

SilverStone Tundra Series A-I-O coolers on [H]ard|OCP - Introduction & Conclusion.