Friday, August 2, 2013

SilverStone ST45SF-G PSU On TweakTown - A Little Gem!

"Performance wise, the ST45SF-G is just what we have come to expect from SilverStone. We'd be quite unhappy if it wasn't up to the standards that they've set for themselves. Voltage regulation faired the best for the ST45SF-G with the 12V and 5V rails staying within 1% of specifications. The 3.3V rail wasn't too far off, staying with 2% itself. DC Output quality could have been a little better, but with a maximum of only 46mV on the 12V rail, it is more than low enough for a stable rig with quality power. The efficiency was spot on during our testing as well, meaning that the ST45SF-G passes with flying colors."

Zac O'Vadka - TweakTown.

SilverStone ST45SF-G 450w SFX Cable Management PSU review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.