Friday, January 11, 2013

Famine To Feast.... 2012 Flight Sim Highlights With Fred 'Heinkill' Williams

"2012 was a great year if you are a WWII combat flight sim fan!

I wouldn't have expected it to be, going into the year, with a totally broken IL2 Cliffs of Dover on my hard drive, a BoB Developers Group which had gone into hibernation over the 2.12 update of BOBII Wings of Victory, and War Thunder not even in closed beta testing yet.

But my new SSD drive emerged from 2012 running a working IL2 Cliffs of Dover, the 2.12 update to BOBII, the War Thunder Open Beta and to top it off, there was the pleasant surprise of a nicely put together P-51 release from the DCS/Eagle Dynamics stable.

What started as a famine, ended as a feast! Here were the highlights for me..."

Fred 'Heinkill' Williams - SimHQ

Read Fred's full post on the SimHQ forums. So, like grab your TrackIR and get airborne!