Friday, August 12, 2011

Lian Li PC-P50 chassis review on Clunk

"The PC-P50 Armorsuit stands out from it's peers because it does exactly what they do, only it does it in a non-tacky way. The chassis is understated enough to integrate into many modern rooms without too much fuss and it's moderate size means that it will sit on top of even a modest desk without taking up all your valuable desktop real-estate. We try and keep up to date with Lian Li's latest developments and features, but I was pleasantly blown away by the amount of new toys on the PC-P50. The fact that they've made it a completely tool-less chassis is yet another plus point. As always, styling is a personal thing and won't appeal to everyone - but for those that hanker after something different, and don't want "in yer face" looks, then the PC-P50 Armorsuit is an ideal candidate. To sum up, I wasn't expecting to like the PC-P50 anywhere near as much as I did - It really is a must see case for anyone who loves beautifully engineered products, couple that with excellent cooling and build quality to die for and you can quickly see how the Lian Li PC-P50 ArmorSuit is going to prove popular in the enthusiast market." David Marshall - Clunk

Lian Li PC-P50 chassis review by Clunk - Introduction & Conclusion.