Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bone Helping you get fit for the summer!

You're an active person, you never stop... It is just so inconvienient to store your iPhone away in a pocket or bag when you need both hands free to catch that ball, skip that rope or abseil that cliff! That's where the Phone Sport 4 from Bone Collection steps up, giving you freedom to jump, run, cycle or walk all with the ease of use that only an iPhone arm strap provides. You'll never miss a call with your iPhone 4 so accessible and you'll never have trouble with earphone cable lengths, so common when your phone is stored away in a bag or pocket. Suitable for an arm girth of 20 to 42cm, this iPhone armband with porous hole is made from biodegradable and washable silicone, also meaning it is light and elastic - just perfect for those hours of personal training. With its included protective screen layer and three sided silicone base, the Phone Sport is a true four sided protective cover for your favourite digital device. With dimensions of 113x118x13mm and tiny weight of just 38.2g, this cover and arm band wont add extra weight or bulk to your iPhone 4, it only adds functionality and complete convenience.