Friday, August 6, 2010

Bone Collection 3gs And iPhone 4 Cases For Power Uses On The Go!

If you spend a lot of time on the go and use your iPhone a lot you will know how painful it can be to have to carry headphones with you all the time, if you just throw them in your pocket there is a good chance you will lose them I know I have lost my fair share, you also have the risk of damaging them.
The Bone Collection iPhone 3GS Wrap and the iPhone 4 Doggy cases not only have an attractive design that stands out from the crowd, these cover is also highly practical, protecting your favourite digital device and headphones! That's right the doggy and the wrap provide an elegant solution for storing your headphone for easy use.
Both the Wraps and Doggy cases provide full 4 side protection by supplying an easy to use screen protector that is washable (for when that cat hair gets under it when trying to apply the film) and almost completely invisible when installed.
And as an added bonus the Wraps and Doggie come with an Included Gentle Strap otherwise known as a keitai strap, to add the extra convenience and style when using your Bone case.

Phone Doggy 4
+ Protect your iPhone 4 from dust
+ Provide excellent texture
+ The case for iPhone 4 combined with a cord keeper
provides a perfect storage
+ Washable silicone case
+ 100% Bio-degradable
+ Included a screen protector
+ Included a Gentle Strap

Size: 65x112x16 mm
Net Weight: 25 g

Phone Wrap 3GS
+ The design provides the perfect protection for iPhone 3GS &
iPhone 3G
+ Wrap earphone cord easily
+ Micro Pattern 3D Touch
+ Anti-static electricity gets away from the dirt
+ 100% Bio-degradable and environmental
+ The strap hole behind together with integral
+ Included a screen protector
+ Included a Gentle Strap

Size: 65x117x24 mm
Net Weight: 28 g